About me

My name is Alice Johnston and I run a herbal medicine practice in Uphall, West Lothian.

Alice Johnston - Medical herbalist in Scotland UK looking to herbals

I grew up in a family where herbalism and treatment with herbs were vivid and alive in my grandparents’ generation and where household remedies were always the first port of call.

The practice of Western Medical Herbalism combines some of my main drivers and characteristics – attention to detail, being methodical and curious, always interested in the why and getting to the bottom of it, while last but not least, being positive and attentive.

To me the combination of modern science and research with traditional knowledge and wisdom makes herbal medicine a contemporary and valid health care option.

Being a fan of the NHS, especially in acute situations, I am sure we all have experienced the limitations of the health care system with short appointments and the one pill fits all answers to complex and often chronic conditions.


My offer

As a herbalist I offer an individual approach which regards you and your environment as a whole. Health and disease are multifactorial hence all aspects need to be considered to achieve a personalised comprehensive approach to diagnosis and treatment for you. And most importantly it has to fit into your life and work for you.

My main strength is being a pragmatist. I work collaboratively with other healthcare providers including the NHS, taking into account and understanding any medication you have been prescribed.


My qualifications

I studied for 4 years at Heartwood Herbal Medicine College which is accredited by the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH). Here I trained in orthodox medicine as well as plant medicine including areas of medical sciences, pharmacology, materia medica, clinical reasoning and physical examinations. Furthermore I undertook 500 hours of clinical training with experienced NIMH practitioners.

I graduated with a Diploma in Herbal Medicine with Distinction.

I was honoured to be awarded the Arthur Barker Best Graduate award by the National Institute of Medical Herbalists.

Previously, I studied languages in Koblenz, Germany and in 2005 graduated from the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne, Germany in the subjects Information Sciences and Business Administration.

So far, I have had two successful careers in the private and public sector and until recently held a role in senior management in a medium sized charity.