Patient Recommendations

I believe that herbal medicine is a natural and sustainable way to support your health. To see the positive outcomes in my patients is very rewarding and motivates me, day after day.
On this page I hand over to my patients and provide space for them to share their experiences.

“I’ve been amazed at the difference herbal medicine has made to my health since Alice started treating me earlier this year.”

By looking at my problems holistically, and understanding the interconnected nature of my issues with underactive thyroid, anaemia and menstrual cycle irregularities, I’ve seen a remarkable difference in a short time. It’s shown me the amazing power of herbs when combined with traditional medicine.

I’d highly recommend Alice to anyone who is struggling with their health. Her caring and sensitive approach to treatment makes you feel at ease and confident that she will do her best for you as a patient.’

42-year-old, female civil servant
Endocrine and female reproductive health

“The tincture Alice prescribed worked wonders. It settled my nervous system and allowed me to regain good nights’ sleep without any unpleasant side effects.”

It was my first encounter with herbal medicine, and it gave me a lot of confidence in its efficacy. Alice is a great diagnostician, and takes a lot of care in the assessment and prescribing of any medication. She is also very knowledgeable about the herbs, and how they can support the person back into health in a holistic way. I can highly recommend her.

34-year-old, female accountant
Anxiety and sleep disorder

“Alice prepared a tincture which I use twice daily. Incredibly for me, this tincture has reduced the irregularity of my heartbeat to virtually nil.”

During 2018 I experienced an erratic heartbeat, something I had never suffered from before. After consultation with my GP I was referred to the cardiology department at the local hospital.

Consequently, I was given a monitoring device to read my heart function over a 24 hour period. The result showed I did indeed have an irregular heartbeat several times during the recorded period. This was diagnosed as atrial ectopic beats, something the NHS does not treat and is regarded by them as ‘normal’.

Over the next months this worsened and became more frequent and ‘heavier’ in feel. I found this more disconcerting and was not entirely happy I was just ‘left to get on with it’.

I considered seeking alternative treatment and contacted Alice accordingly.
She assessed me, and the problem carefully, in a friendly and extremely professional manner. It is obvious she is a very kind and caring practitioner.

Alice prepared a tincture which I use twice daily. Incredibly for me, this tincture has reduced the irregularity of my heartbeat to virtually nil.
I now only experience a “hiccup” very occasionally, which has given me such confidence and peace of mind.

I can recommend Alice in the highest regard and would suggest you contact her for a different opinion and way of working if, like me, you do not receive a satisfactory outcome from the NHS.

65-year-old, male retired police officer
Cardiovascular health