Consultation and Fees

To book a consultation at my practice in Uphall call me on 07485 503 958 or email
Consultations are online or in person and by prior appointment only.


What you can expect during your initial consultation

The initial consultation lasts about an hour and will allow me to gather the information I need to get a good understanding of you and your state of health. I will ask you about onset, nature and progression of your complaint as well as any investigations you have had and medications you are taking.

As a medical herbalist I am interested not only in your medical and family history but also in you as a person and your social history as well as your diet.

Sometimes in order to confirm or exclude a possible diagnosis and with your consent, I will examine you physically by taking your blood pressure, looking at you more closely, listening to your lungs or heart, examining a joint or a limb.

Occasionally you could be referred for further tests either within the NHS or privately.

What happens during your follow-up consultation

Following on from your initial consultation 3 to 4 shorter consultations of up to 30 minutes are normally necessary in order to assess your progress. I will ask you questions in relation to your initial complaint but will also be interested in any changes or new developments which might influence your treatment plan.

The repeat visits are normally followed by check-ups every 3 to 6 months which is depending on the nature of your condition. If you have had a condition for a long time it may take some time, and your commitment, to nudge you back into a state of health.

Herbal medicines work in a gentle way and can take longer to work. There should be no side effects and treatment outcomes are long lasting.


First consultation for 1 hour – £50
Repeat consultation for up to 30 min – £35
Telephone Check-in for 15 min – £15

Herbal medicine prescriptions are charged separately and cost about £11 per week.

Consultation Fee: what does it cover?

The consultation fees include the time we spend together to take your case history and additionally the time I will spend to establish my working diagnosis, develop your individual treatment plan and formulate your herbal medicine prescription.

Once I have your full medical history, I can see you at the lower fee of a follow-up consultation going forward. Even years later or for a different condition.

Children and young people under 14

First consultation for 30 min – £35
Repeat consultation for 15 min – £20
Telephone Check-in for 15 min – £15

Herbal medicine prescriptions are charged separately and cost about £9 per week.

Your herbal medicine prescription

You can trust that your herbal medicine will be formulated using the best quality ingredients available and only sourced from manufacturers who produce to the highest standards subject to rigorous quality controls. 

Based on my principles I prescribe organically grown or sustainably sourced herbs only and avoid the use of herbs which are endangered in the wild. 

Herbal prescriptions for children are formulated using gentle herbs and their dosing is age and weight specific. 

Generally herbal remedies are prescribed as liquid tinctures. Depending on your condition and circumstance your treatment plan could include herbal teas, ointments, creams, lotions or nutritional supplements

Herbal tinctures are concentrated plant extracts containing small amounts of alcohol. In case you are unable to take medicines containing alcohol for any reason, I can offer other options.